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Man Hole

There's pounding thunder in my brain

seeming slowly to get louder and stronger

determined, deliberate like stressed chewing

Jaw is clenching, tightening and my temples are on fire

There is this thought, this knawing

tearing at my insides and smiling right at me

telling me it's presence, demanding my attention.

opening my eyes is an effort, like walking on crutches

I am distant form within myself and the outside seems grey

with blue tones and high tones of intense realizations

I am here, living within a place unreal but familiar to me

I am dragging my feet,

and then I see what is me

raging, like a tsunami in revenge of the night

like a dragon breathing its fire

I am what I have always been

I am that which frees me

the layer of skin peels back to reveal a glowing, humming sound

like uncontained energy, like love, like power

I am human

I am the thunder that breaks my concentration

I am the man I have always been